We have all entered a time of uncertainty & challenge. B.A Feller Company’s priorities are to keep everyone safe and healthy during this time and we urge everyone to please take to heart the recommendations & precautions to prevent the further spread of the coved-19 virus as set out by the CDC. This is a very serious situation that we all need to pay attention to. Please refer to the Center for Disease Control (, and the Illinois Department of Public Health ( daily for updates on this virus situation.

During this time, In order to keep our employees and our resident’s safe, we will be responding to only emergency repairs and maintenance that is absolutely necessary. Our resources and manpower are limited and our office is closed at this time. We can be reached through our 24 hour answering service as always, but please only notify us of repairs that are absolutely necessary and can not wait. Of course in the case of any life safety issues and concerns please call 911.

During this time our cleaning people are disinfecting all the surfaces in the common areas of our buildings daily. Door knobs, railings, mailboxes, elevator touch panels, laundry machines, etc.

Additionally, during these trying times we know that it may be burdensome to pay part or all of your rent, we acknowledge this and understand, pay what you can and you will be given extra time to make up your rent. We will be waiving late fees for the months April, May and June and we will not be evicting anyone under these circumstances. We will re-evaluating the situation as it changes continually. If you are able to pay your rent great!, it is appreciated. Like always, your rent can be paid online so you do not have to leave the safety of your home at

No doubt this will be a bumpy road for awhile, but with everyone’s full cooperation we will get through these trying times sooner than later.


Robert Feller
President, B.A Feller Company